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Visiting regulations

Alena Houšková | 27.01.2014
  • Keep the purchased ticket - you may be asked by a zoo staff member to present it during the visit

  • Your behaviour needs to be reasonably quiet and calm - noise and rapid movements disturb the animals

  • For health reasons, do not take in dogs and other pets

  • Children under 8 years are not allowed in the zoo unless accompanied by a person older than 15 years

  • Do not feed any animals (except in the animal petting yard) - be aware that this can severely hurt them

  • Do not hand any items, such as mirrors, cigarettes, stones, etc. to animals - innocent fun can result in the death of an animal

  • Do not go beyond guard barriers or approach the exhibits

  • Do not touch the animals - you could be seriously injured

  • Do not tease the animals or throw objects at them

  • Walk only on the marked paths and follow all the instructions on the noticeboards

  • Do not spoil the environment of the zoo and please put refuse in bins

  • Do not pick flowers and damage the branches of shrubs. Do not trample flowerbeds

  • Persons leading groups take the responsibility for the conduct of the entire group.

  • You are not allowed to bring the following items into the zoo grounds: entertaining pyrotechnic toys or similar noisy items, balloons, and things threatening the health and safety of people and animals

  • The use of the following is not allowed in the zoo: musical instruments, firearms and other weapons, music players and radios, car horns, alarms or horns and other similar devices

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on zoo!
  • Follow the instructions of the zoo staff, particularly in the event of an emergency, e.g. an escaped animal, natural disaster, etc...
  • Gross violation of these visiting regulations may result in the police being called and removal from the premises

  • Please report any emergency at the entrance office, where there is a first-aid kit and phone available

  • If injury is caused to a visitor or damage caused to their property, the visitor is required to prove that the event did not occur through violating visiting regulations