List of animals for adoption

administrator | 27.01.2014

This animal does not have any foster.

1.000 Kč / 40 EUR

Annam leaf turtle
Central bearded dragon
Common toad

Coscoroba swan  
Crested pigeon
Cuban boa  
European common frog
Fire salamander
Honduras curly hair tarantula
Laughing dove

Mexican red-knee tarantula
Red-billed leiothrix
Red-eared slider turtle
Sand lizard

1.500 Kč / 60 EUR

Bali myna
Canada goose
Grey-backed thrush
Leopard gecko
Long-eared owl
Muscowy duck
Superb starling

Tokay gecko
Violet turaco 

 2.000 Kč / 80 EUR

Brush-tailed rat-kangaroo
Grey heron
Chinese water dragon
Indian peafowl
Little owl
Mandarin duck
Pygmy slow loris
Ringed teal
White-cheeked pintail
Wood duck

2.500 Kč / 96 EUR

Mantschurian (Red-crowned) crane
Northern hawk-owl
Sea aquariums - specific   
Southern screamer

3.000 Kč / 120 EUR

Demoseille crane
Honney buzzard   
Leopard tortoise
Marginated Tortoise
Military macaw  

3.500 Kč / 140 EUR

Brown basilisk
Crested partridge

Cuban ground iguana

Great curassow

4.000 Kč / 160 EUR

Barn owl
European mink
Golden-handed tamarin
Northern racoon
Red fox

Yellow mongoose

5.000 kč / 200 EUR

Black tailed prairie dog
Cameroon sheep

Common pheasant
Cuban ground iguana
Desmarest's hutia
Eurasian badger
Feral pig
Golden pheasant
Great grey owl
Himalayan monal 
Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo
Prevost′s squirrel

Patagonian mara
Saker falcon
Snowy owl
Southern crowned-pigeon
Tawny owl
Ural owl
White-crested kalij

7.500 Kč / 290 EUR

Common squirrel monkey
Northamerican porcupine
Red-necked wallaby

King Bird-of-paradise
Magnificent Bird-of-paradise
Domestic ass
Prince Alfreds spotted deer
West Caucasian tur

10.000 Kč / 390 EUR

Blue-eyed cockatoo
Common raven
Common rhea  
Eagle owl
Eurasian lynx
Mishmi takin 
Visayan warty pig

15.000 Kč / 590 EUR

Eurasian otter
Giant anteater
Peregrine falcon
Sulawesi crested macaque 
Black mangabey
Mexican spider monkey
Red ruffed lemur

20.000 Kč / 780 EUR

Fishing cat
Wild cat

25.000 Kč / 970 EUR

Black stork
Clouded leopard
White stork

35.000 Kč / 1.360 EUR

South American tapir

60.000 Kč / 2.330 EUR

Gray wolf

100.000 Kč / 3.900 EUR

Coral reef - the large saltwater aquarium
Siberian brown bear